Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tast Eatery - My Ultimate Burger

This post is long over due and I am greatly shamed for not having done so earlier. To explain my shame I have to boast a bit about my travels and experience with food and specifically burgers. Those of you who follow my other blog would know about the places I have been. With that you would also know that I am not usually one to claim I have eaten the world's greatest anything. I think this will be my first claim to that because quite sincerely I cannot find a better burger than the one made at Tast Eatery in Fort Lee NJ. I know this a big claim but trust me on this. The burger is made with organic beef from grass fed cattle that is raised humanely. It would not be on the menu if this was not the case because the owners of Tast are committed to only using products from farms that use responsible farming methods including the way cattle is raised.

My husband and I happened upon this place after we moved to Fort Lee in 2007. We noticed a nicely decorated storefront where some wonderful aromas wafted through the air any time anyone opened the door. The store was conveniently located across the street form a bus stop for the line my husband and I took into Manhattan for work.Yong (one of the partners) was absolutely obsessed with the perfect cup of coffee, so it was a match made in heaven when we met him and stepped through the door into Tast.

I have eaten burgers in some well established international restaurants and eateries in Dubai, London, Buenos Aires, Bogota and all over the US and I have never, ever, ever tasted a burger as wonderful as this one. That is my humble opinion, but if you would like to put me to the test you are more than welcome to take on my challenge and visit this place. If the burger does not get you hooked something else in their menu certainly will, and you can eat resting assured that if Yong allows the label "organic" onto anything on his menu it is most definitely what it claims to be. We have made pilgrimages to this eatery on the many occasions our travels brought us back home even if it was for a short time. I will keep on going back to Tast as long as I can get to it, no matter how far I am because it is just that great of a place and it is run by people who truly care about what they do.

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