Monday, October 22, 2012

The Brooklyn Curry Experiment

As promised here are some pictures my Husband and I managed to take before and at the event.

 The last batch of curry macaron shells waiting to go into the oven.

 A little close up of the baked shells :)

 Our assembled, prize winning macarons ready to go at our table.

 Our neighbors ready to go.

 A close up of our neighbors' wonderful curry carrot cake. Yumm

 Jeffrey and his assistant Lara getting ready.

 Jeffrey and Lara's delicious cardamom cookies to accompany his delicious frozen yougurt.
He won second place for it in the Judges' competition.

 Another set of our neighbors, proudly standing by their eggplant curry creations :)

 A close up of those wonderful curry eggplant creations.

 The Double C's ladies getting ready for the crowd. 
The folks from One World One Kitchen cutting into their incredible Curried Lasagna with Chili Shrimp.
One World One Kitchen won First Prize in the Judges category, and deservedly so. It was delicious.

 Double C's curry chili. Soo delicious.

 Brooklynauts and their incredible curry meatballs. 
Super nice people who can kick ass in the kitchen.

 Team New Lapskaus Boulevard plating her Curried Herring. 
She won Third place in the Judges competition. A very sweet girl. 
Unfortunately I did not get to try her food :(

 Sara and Andrey working hard on their very delicious stew. 
They won Theo's Prize for Experimentation.
My husband says he wants to have theri stew every day.

 Samosa Spiced Gnocci being plated. Another one I did not get to try.

 These lovely ladies entered the competition the day before, 
and made a tremendous sweet curry pie.

 Here is a close up of that curry pie. 
Can you smell that wonderful smell?

 These ladies made a mean curry taco. 
I would absolutely love to have that again.

 The lovely lady in the Ooh Curry team getting set up.

 Ginger Curry by Ooh Curry. It was very delicious and I need to have some more.

 Nick and Theo getting ready to announce the winners. 
The two of them are real class acts and all around wonderful.

 All the participants on stage, eagerly awaiting the results.

 Theo giving me the Audience vote Second Place award. What an honor.
Thank you to all the people who voted for our team (Team Curry Sweet)

This competition was a lot of fun. It took hard work because we had to make 300 whole macarons for it and I was very scared that the macaron dough would get temperamental. The only unexpected stressful thing to happen to me was that my whisk attachment of my Kitchen Aid stand mixer fell apart about a minute into my fourth batch of meringue, which left me scrambling for a minute until I remembered  I still had my hand mixer. Not ideal but I will never ever curse that hand mixer out ever again, because it saved me on this occasion even if my arm feels like it is going to fall. 

Another thing that rattled us was not being able to get a babysitter for our little girl but she was amazing. She was the person in charge of giving people a sprinkle of curry powdered sugar if they wanted it. My husband rocked at putting the filling into those macarons and being a great salesman telling everyone who came over to us what we had made.

All the people who participated on this event were great and the food was tremendous. Thank you Nick and Theo for putting it together and being all around great guys. Thank you also to Meg from Brooklyn Brewery. Wishing you a long and wonderful career with Brooklyn Brewery. Thank you Brooklyn Brewery for promoting great events like this one and for your incredible beer. The Defender is awesome! Here is a link to the Brooklyn Brewery Food Experiments results page.


  1. Congrats on your awesome sweets!

    1. Thank you my dear. You know that you are one of my role models so a compliment from you means more than I can say.

  2. Wow, everything sounds so good! I'm so impressed with you!!! You are amazing!

    1. You make me blush. I really wish you, Rich, Sam, Karl, Christine and Mike could have come. The food was out of this world and definitely right up your alley.

  3. Omg, Nydia, what fun and what an experience. Congrats to you and your "sous chefs!!" Wish we could've been there! So proud of you!

    1. Thanks Christine :) My Sous Chefs rocked!!! The little one keeps asking if we are going to do more competitions. I think I am going to have to start looking around for one to satisfy her need for a challenge.