Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy 2012!!!! - Sorry For the Belated Wishes

Hi there. If you have been reading my blog I thank you kindly for doing so. It means a lot to me. I also owe you an apology for the late start in posting. Believe me there is a very good reason for my absence. My laptop has ceased to function and with it the drive I used to upload pictures to the blog, but thankfully enough my husband has been very resourceful and managed to revive our old computer so I will be able to upload at least some of the stuff I am making. 

This year will be a good challenge in many ways. I will try to get out of the chicken rut I seem to be stuck in, but not before I give a try to my mom's chicken souffle. I am also going to bring a little Colombian flavor to my recipe archive by showing you all not only how easy arepas are to make, but also how many variations of this authentic latin american dish there are (and those are only the ones I know of, I am sure there are more out there). We will do Empanadas and all sorts of Latin American recipes to expand your horizon and taste buds (I want to make sure that the facebook app that tests you on how many world foods you have tasted gets a run for its money). I am also going to do a bit more exploring of middle eastern cuisine because there really is a lot of wonderful food from that region that does not get enough love out there.  I will really give a try to going around the world with the recipes I choose, because life is definitely too short not to try as much wonderful cuisine as possible.

 Thank you so much for reading my blog. The food fun starts again tomorrow.

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