Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Le Paddock - Great All Around

We (meaning my husband, my daughter and I) moved in August to the Windsor Terrace area of Brooklyn. About a month after we moved in we noticed that there was this very quaint little corner storefront that was going through some sort of transformation. We saw people painting, then the windows got covered and then the owners were seen working on refurbishing some great looking vintage wooden chairs. Little by little we could tell things were starting to shape up for a new restaurant and our curiosity was captivated by this new place that would open soon we hoped. It took them about a month and a half but Le Paddock finally opened and very fortunately so. The only description I can give of this place is that it is wonderful. They have something to appeal to a wide range of palates ranging from burgers and wood oven pizzas (some of the best in the area) to stews, a raw oyster bar one night a week, and their desserts make me want to forget that I should be concerned about my figure. We have eaten there about four times already and every time it has been great. I am only going to leave you with some pictures of the brunch we had along with my in-laws. All the dishes were executed perfectly except for a mishap with my daughter's pancakes (one of the pancakes was burnt at the bottom and it messed up the flavor of the rest), however they corrected the situation admirably and this is why I am recommending that anyone living near this area (or if you are feeling adventurous) should check them out. For the description of the dishes go to their website and check out their Brunch menu (and their dinner one as well).

 Eggs Norwegian

 Basque Pizza

 Sake Mary and Mimosa

 Omelette Of The Day

Baked Eggs

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