Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Googa Mooga!!!!

Well I am sure that I am probably not the first nor will I be the last to write about this festival, but I hope that my sincere review of my experience at this festival will not be tossed away into oblivion without any regard. Overall my experience was a good one and I did attend both days of the festival thanks to being persistent about getting tickets. I will start things positively by showing pictures of some of the great stuff I tasted and saw (although unfortunately I missed out on taking a picture of the Hammagedon Pig which was pretty friggin awesome). Anyway here are the few pictures I managed to take while not distracted by something more awesome.

 The infamous Foie Gras Doughnut by Do or Dine

 Maple Cotton Candy on a Pretzel stick

 Bourbon Bacon Popcorn

 Inside the Beer Tent

 The Market Place

 Urbarn a magical place of learning

Police barricade tables were awesome.
(The vendors in the background were some of our favorites)

 La Newyorkina Popsicles - My daughter's favorite vendor.

 Italian Rice Balls Form Arancini Bros. 

 Deconstructed Aranci Balls

 Sloppy Joe Sadnwhich from Dyker's Farms 
(It was yummy. I drool over it)

 Field in front of the main stage

 Hall and Oates closing the festival = Awesome!!

 My daughter's favorite area.

OK here is my description of the experience I had. I arrived late in the day on Saturday so by then most stands were running scarce in food, but to be truthful the only reason I really wanted to go that day was to listen to The Roots and I accomplished that plus also got some treats so I was not really bothered by the same issues that other people who attended that day were pissed off about. My husband mentioned that when things started to get ridiculous with the currency system that was established for the alcohol the organizers responded as quickly and efficiently as possible by going to a cash system promptly. Since I did not witness this mess I will take everyone's word for it. What I did experience that day was that even though there were loads of people the festival was distributed in a great manner that allowed for areas where people could put down blankets and sit without other people trampling over them (at least for those not trying to do so in the vicinity of the vendors by the main stage area). I have already posted on Googa Mooga's facebook page to offer my point of view on this so I will not bore you with it. This day ended for me on a great note by having the pleasure to listen to the Roots while watching my little girl go crazy from sugar overload and great music.

Sunday was a fantastic day because this is where I made up for having missed most of the festival on Saturday. I got to try the infamous Foie Gras Doughnut by Do or Dine. Quite frankly it did not live up to the hype. It was not what foie gras should be, which is delicate and melts in your mouth upon contact. Although it was not horrible because it was still somewhat tasty it was not my favorite, but it was novel so I will give it points for that.

Among other things we had battered fried Oreos by James, which were alright. My favorites were the rice balls by Arancini Bros., because they were perfectly made with just the right amount of crispy breading on the outside and tender yummy, ricey goodness on the inside. Although the red gravy one was delicious, my favorite was the pesto one. My daughter's favorites were the popsicles by La Newyorkina, in particular their chocolate paletita. As far as libations I am hoping that Brooklyn Brewery will make their Maple lager a part of their regular menu because it was absolutely fantastic. I love a dark beer that does not have a bitter aftertaste. They definitely delivered what they promised.

In any case I think that the only disappointing thing about the festival was that some of the vendors I wanted to try did not bring enough food to the festival and so I did not get to eat some of the food I wish I had gotten to try. However, I cannot put this entirely on their shoulders because I had ample opportunity to get it since I arrived with my family and friends very early on in the day. I should have seized the chance to get in on as much of the food I wanted to try as possible. Then again I did manage to try some of the places I wanted to try and find some new favorite places to visit when I am feeling hungry. Sincerely for it being the first year that this was done I think the event lived up to the hype by providing a very eclectic collection of food.

My only comments overall are that next year the vendors need to come prepared with loads of food and bigger staffs to expedite the waiting process. If anything was learned is that this was supposed to be a food experience and more focus should be placed on this. It is not enough to come up with a good menu if you make people wait for food for too long. Ten to fifteen minutes should be the most you should have to wait.The layout of the place by the main stage area needs some tweaking but overall I was pleased by the amount of room and having the chance to lay down a blanket and not feeling like I was going to be trampled at any point.

My sincerest thanks to Superfly for putting the event together and also for the way in which you have handled the criticism and responded to it. You guys are a class act and I am looking forward to attending next year. I will be getting the Extra Mooga next year so bring plenty of food because I plan on bringing my appetite.

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