Thursday, May 17, 2012

Puddin - Oh Yeah!!!

If you, like me are someone fortunate enough to have watched MTV when it was actually a good channel to watch, then you must have been lucky enough to have watched The State. One of the skits form that show that is most memorable to me is the Barry and Levon 240 dollars worth of pudding skit.

This was the only thought going through my mind when I saw the store front for Puddin' in New York's East Village. My husband and I decided that since Criff Dogs (fodder for my next post) was not open yet, we could very well reverse the order of our meals and indulge on dessert first.

I am in love with this place and the fact that if you decide to stay and eat your pudding there, the most wonderful smell of chocolate pudding being made from scratch is constantly wafting around. I opted for their Classic Pudding, which is chocolate pudding at the bottom, a middle layer of whipped cream and a top layer of butterscotch pudding. My daughter of course had the chocolate because she is a purist and who can blame her when it comes to pudding, especially from this place. My husband went with their Banana Cream Dream, which is layers of banana pudding, graham cracker crumbs, banana cake crumbs and whipped cream. It was a fantastic way to start lunch. Here are some images to help you with your visual interpretations of this place.

 Classic Pudding

Banana Cream Dream

Chocolate Pudding with Sprinkles

I am definitely going back to this place, especially if I am feeling low because nothing can pick you up like a small batch of well made pudding. Oh and this will always make me laugh.

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