Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh Mother of Sweetness!!!

Crumbs bakery has done it again. Yup, they nearly killed me with an overdose of delicious, delivered via their cupcake of the month Chocolate Pecan Pie. If you are into the traditional southern pecan pie, you will also appreciate this adaptation. A delectable chocolate cupcake, with a rich chocolate ganache center topped off with a caramely, chocolatey, pecan drizzled cream cheese frosting. I almost fell into a sweet induced coma and was only brought back by their great coffee. I totally recommend this cupcake and the ensuing experience to anyone needing a little sweet lovin'.


  1. Nydia, you have to try a robicellis cupcake! they are brooklyn based and will blow your mind. a few coffee places in the slope and ditmas carry them plus they have a shop at dekalb. phenomenal.

  2. Thanks Bari I will seek them out. There are still a few places I have been wanting to check out around here like Butterlane and there is also another one in Williamsburg (can't recall the name right now). Are you up for a little joint investigation?

  3. Butter lane is pretty good! For my 30th (or 31st?) bday we had a cupcake tasting party and got cupcakes from all over the city. It was awesome. I'd definitely be down for any culinary adventure you have in mind :)