Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sugar Shop - Brooklyn Sweetness

Last week during Memorial Day weekend here in the US, my daughter and I took a nice walk in Cobble Hill in Brooklyn. We walked on Court Street on our way to one of the local playgrounds, and on our way saw a cute sign pointing us toward a sweets shop on Baltic Street. Since we are both doomed with a very powerful sweet tooth we had to check it out. That is how she and I discovered our newest favorite candy store, Sugar Shop. This place much like Deweys in Dumbo, features some old time favorites like salt water taffy and other items like Big League Chew, Pop rocks and other candy bars. There is a little bit of everything for everyone so if you have a sweet tooth and love the feel of those old time sweet shops this is the place for you. I also have to comment on the lovely employee who helped my daughter and I, Candace. Not only was she friendly and helpful, but she also has awesome taste in vintage t-shirts. Check her out below sporting a great Voltron one.

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