Thursday, March 1, 2012


I finally took the time to go to this wonderful bastion of goodness. I have been wanting to check it out for a while. I figured that anyone who is good enough to earn the respect of the ever surly but sincere Anthony Bourdain deserves to be given recognition, and oh my is the recognition deserved. My daughter wanted dumplings (which we had later), but I tried to convince her (for my sake) that Baohaus was a much better choice.

This place definitely does not disappoint. I had the Chairman Bao and the Birdhaus Bao. Although I liked the Birdhaus Bao the Chairman Bao is so delicious, delectable, delicate and flavorful that I can sincerely declare I am addicted to it. I will probably have dreams about it tonight. I also have to mention how awesome the staff that was on duty when we went there was to us. They were so happy to see how much we enjoyed our food and even gave us a sample of their sweet Bao Fries with black sesame and pandan condensed milk glazes. I am in love with this place and will probably start having an indecent affair with it, sneaking away to it so I can have more of the love only the Chairman Bao can give. Here are some more pictures for your perusal.

 The lovely BAOHAUS crew

 The Chairman Bao - My new found guilty pleasure

 My husband and daughter in a state of food induced bliss

My daughter scarfing down Swee Bao Fries

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