Thursday, March 22, 2012

Red Hook Does it Again - Baked = Bakers' Heaven

I don't know if it seems obvious yet, but I love a well made baked good. Today I would like to give some love to a place I have been infatuated with for almost a month. That place is Baked in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn. I first became aware of them through Cooking Channel's show Unique Sweets because everyone on the show was talking about their sweet treats, but in particular they were talking about the Brooksters (what you get when you marry one of Baked's brownies and one of their chocolate chip cookies). I thought this place needed to be checked out, so I decided to enlist my husband on the quest to keep an eye out for it since we are already going there to go shopping at the Fairway in Red Hook anyway.

Finding them was super easy, and so was falling in love with the wonderful food that they make. While it is mostly sweet treats that you will find here, there are some savory tidbits to be had and they are beautifully executed. I have tried the Brooksters and they are indeed good, but I think that my weak spot is for their PB Krispy Bar, because it is chocolatey, peanut buttery crispy goodness. Their brownies are what every brownie should seek to be, gooey chocolatey perfection, particularly the salted ones. Their coffee is also great so it is a winner in every sense. I recommend you try them if ever in NYC and, it does not matter what you have to do to get there, YOU MUST GO IF YOU LOVE BAKED GOODS. They will not let you down (unless you go when they are closed).

Baked storefront on Van Brunt Street

 A great array of sweets and drinks

 Salted brownie with a marshmallow on top

The PB Krispy Bar

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