Friday, April 6, 2012

Dewey's Candy Shoppe - Nostalgia in Sugar Form

While my mother was in town we did a lot of walking around so she could get to know our favorite places to go in Brooklyn. Naturally DUMBO was an area I thought she would enjoy. While there we came across Dewey's Candy located on Front Street by the Manhattan Bridge overpass. I love this store because it is a great mix of old timey sweets as well as novelty stuff that will appeal to young and old. Alison Oblonsky is the owner of this store which came into being in January 1st 2010. She is a warm and energetic lady and you can tell that she loves what she is doing. This was a really great find because now my head is filled with ideas of great party favors and just neat treats I can send out to all the kiddies in the family. I definitely recommend you check it out, and please remember KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF THE JARS (No one wants to share cooties). Here are some more pictures of some of the treats you can find at this Willy Wonka Factory like shop.

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