Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Food Trucks and Anthony Bourdain - Oh Happy Day!!!

It is April and here in New York we are experiencing summer temperatures (well at least this week). Another wonderful set of events to add to my hubris are the return of the Food Truck Rally Sunday at Prospect Park and a brand spanking new season of Anthony Bourdain's show No Reservations (I have seriously missed that surly man).

Anywhoo, I am happy and rightly so because there is no better way to spend a Sunday than taking a long walk that just happens to take you to a paradise of food on wheels. This time my husband and I decided to try something new so for our main course we gave the Pera truck a try because their claim to fame are Turkish tacos and that made us feel a bit curious about what we would be getting. I stood on line for almost half an hour but the wait was well worth it because what I found was some really wonderful and satisfying food. I ordered one of each of their three tacos to share with my husband. The flavors were beef brisket, lavender honey chicken and eggplant croquette with summer squash.

The first one we tried was the lavender honey chicken taco. It was flavorful with a slight hint of the lavender which was more than enough. I found the flavor combination between the savory and sweet very refreshing and delicious. It was something that I had never had before and that I was truly happy to have tried. The Eggplant croquette with summer squash was wonderful because it combined a sweetness from the vegetables with a salty aspect of the cheese (I believe it was feta). It was well executed and made us want to go back for more (if it wasn't for the though of having to line up behind a mob deterring us). The beef brisket taco was what would be expected of brisket, just tasty, tender and all sorts of good. I am having a hard time describing the flavors on these three tacos because there were quite a few elements and I could not pin point exactly what the spices were, but I really don't care what they were because the end result was delicious and made me feel glad to have the fortune of getting food like that served in an unpretentious atmosphere. It was blissful.

Here are some pictures of the food trucks, starting with Pera and the three tacos we enjoyed.

 Lavender Honey Chicken Taco

 Eggplant Croquette and Summer Squash Taco

 Beef Brisket Taco

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