Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Couleur Cafe - Great Coffee and French Sweets

Today was another beautifully warm day which I was hell bent on enjoying even if I had to stay up late working the night before. I took the munchkin to the park and treated myself to a nice walk because all these wonderful meals I post about would have me weighing at 300pounds if I was not privileged enough to live in a very walkable city. I had an ulterior motive for going walking though, and that was to discover what the eateries in our area have to offer.

some reason Couleur Cafe caught my eye this time around and since I had not been there before and was in dire need of a good coffee I decided that the time was appropriate to go in and give a local business some support. I am very glad to have tried them because the people who own and work at this establishment could be some of my new favorite people. They are unpretentious and fun and make you feel right at home. Oh and what my little one and I ate there was just wonderful. We decided to get some pastries to go and shared a very delicious chocolate mouse. I had a cafe au lait that made me feel nostalgic because I have not been able to get one like it since I lived in Jersey City (Madame Claude's and Marco and Pepe in the old down town area serve wonderful versions of this drink). The cafe has a very french atmosphere and it delivers on taste because their mousse and pastries are very well executed. I will be coming back for more (even if I have to go three times around the park every day for a week to exercise all the calories off). I definitely recommend you try them if you are in Park Slope or make it to Brooklyn. Here are some pictures to further entice you.

 Chocolate Mousse
 Wonderful Cafe au Lait
 Cool Decor
 Almond Chocolate Pastry
  Chocolate Croissant

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