Friday, April 20, 2012


I know what you must be thinking, "Sliders? Whaaaat?" Yeah I know that most of the peeps that would consider themselves foodies would not really think of sliders as a valid food, but that would be those who think that being a foodie implies being a snob, and that my friends would invalidate the whole premise of the foodie (a lover of food). However I can understand why some would turn their noses up at the sight of the term slider, because most often it is associated with either White Castle or with bar food. Consider this though, you can make your own sliders for the sole purpose of satisfying a burger craving without having to eat a behemoth form of it. In this guise the slider is something that can be seen in a great light by accomplishing two goals; flavor and satisfaction.

As you may recall I was at a butchery class at the Mosner warehouse recently. One of the perks of being at said class was having access to products only available to either restaurants or food stores, and my husband and I decided to take advantage and get some stuff amongst which was a package of great quality ground beef. And what did we make with that beef? Yeah, sliders.All we did was season the meat with some salt and minced garlic and we got ourselves a great meal that was the prefect size and that was satisfying. We caramelized onions and sliced some grape tomatoes to add in and accompanied them with some baked french "fries" and it was delicious. If you, like me, love hamburgers but not the over bloated feeling you get after eating one then this is a great way to get the best of everything. Here are some pictures of the ones we made.


  1. Oh, wow, these look delicious. I love sliders, too, because I can eat 27 of them and feel better about it instead of eating 27 regular-sized burgers.

    1. Dea, I just now saw your comment. It put a huge smile on my face because I feel exactly the same way.