Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Polpette in Park Slope - Now That's a Tasty Hero

 Yesterday was my husband's birthday, which meant that he was the master of the day and got to pick what it was that he wanted to do and eat. Since he had been craving a meatball hero for a while he asked if we could check out Polpette in Park Slope. This was a huge success because he has finally found what he has declared the perfect meatball hero. We started out with Vinny's Potato Salad, which was fantastic because unlike typical potato salads, this one was not overpowered by the awful acidity of vinegar. It was a smooth tasty medley of roasted red bliss potatoes sweet peppers and garlic aioli, with some other secret ingredients.

Vinny's Potato Salad

I ordered Josephine's Famous meatballs with mozzarella plated a la Strazzare, which means the meatballs were crushed inside a soft roll. It was tasty and filling and everything a great meatball sandwich should be.

 My husband ordered the Porco Due Eroe, which entailed pork meatballs topped with fennel sausage with tomato cream sauce in hero bread. It was all sorts of wonderful and he almost looked like Rachel Ray while he was eating it, right down to the orgasmic finale.

Polpette definitely delivered the quintessential meatball hero. We will be back for sure.

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