Sunday, December 11, 2011

Six Days Of Cookies - Day One Gingerbread People with Lemon Drizzle


I am a bit late with my Holiday cookie making, but as it has been said before, better late than never. The first batch of cookies are these cute gingerbread people. I got the basic recipe for the cookies along with the lemon drizzle recipe from the Martha Stewart Site. However I am not sure it was a result of my crappy handheld mixer or the recipe itself, but I found that the dough came out too soft so I had to add some more flour to it to get it to the consistency I needed for the gingerbread peeps to be solid enough to transfer to the baking sheets. The lemon drizzle was perfect. I  decided that instead of drizzling it I would pipe it onto the cookies so that I could create the eyes mouth and center patterns. My daughter and husband have taste tested them extensively and their verdict is that these are good eats.

This was a great start for the bakeorama that will ensue in the coming days here in my home. Hope all of you are having as much fun with your holiday baking as I am so far.


  1. Those cookies are adorable! I'm itching to make some lemon drizzle now... mmm...

  2. You always inspire me Baking Robot, so I am glad to be able to return the favor.