Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Comfort Food: An Oldie but a Goodie

I am re-posting my venture into absolutely delicious mac and cheese, because I have decided to transfer any food related posts form my other blog to this one. I confess that the recipe used is from Food Network, but I have a weakness when it comes to Alton Brown's recipes. He just knows his stuff, and this particular recipe made not only my husband and I happy, but it also made expats from various places appreciate the beauty of American comfort food. Click HERE for the recipe. This is a great one to play with too because you can vary the type and amount of ingredients and create a completely different flavor. For instance you can choose to caramelize the onions instead of adding them raw for a smokier flavor, or add some pancetta to make it heartier. The possibilities are endless.

I am also doing this today because unfortunately I did not have enough foresight to arrange my plates beautifully so I could take pictures of what I made today using heavy cream and cardamom, so you all will have to wait until next time I make this dish to get the recipe and imagery to go along with it. The only hint I can give you is that it is my take on an Indian dish I had at Options in Dubai, which is one of the many restaurants owned by Sanjeev Kapoor. He is someone whom I never would have found out about had it not been for the hubby and I deciding to go live halfway around the world, where we had the good fortune to meet people who could tell us about him.

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  1. The thing I love most about alton's Mac and cheese? The bay leaf. Sigh.