Friday, October 21, 2011

Tasty Junk Food

While out on a mission to buy felt for some cute little craft creatures my daughter and I are going to make together, I started getting hungry. I was not thinking properly about the time when we set out on this quest and was actually looking to have us back home for lunch, because sincerely I cannot fathom the notion of spending money on lunch out when I have perfectly delicious food at home waiting in the fridge. We were in Soho so I thought quick and just at that moment we were passing Pearl River Market, which I recalled sells a lot of savory Chinese and Japanese snack foods along with cold healthy drinks. 

The picture above shows what I got us just to keep us from getting too hungry. The crackers are sesame crackers and they taste the way a Ritz cracker would taste if it was intended for a more sophisticated palate. It had hints of green onion and garlic that were subtle and made me keep coming back for more. The stuff in the wrapper is Monaka which are these really delicate cookies that can only be described as the Chinese version of whoopie pies except more delicate because instead of cookies the outer shell is made of rice flour with a texture like communion wafers and the filling is not cream but red bean paste. I washed these beauties down with some mango oolong iced tea and felt good about the fact that I had managed to get us some relatively healthy snacks and did so without spending too much, so win win for all.

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  1. YUM! Definitely going to be on the lookout for snacks like these.