Thursday, November 1, 2012

Brooklyn after Hurricane Sandy

Needless to say, if you are a resident of the US east coast or a New Yorker living within the five boroughs of the city you have witnessed if not been a victim of this storm that ravaged us during the better part of two days. I am among some of the lucky people who have not been severely affected by this storm. Thankfully enough in our little enclave called Windsor Terrace we were blessed with very few issues and we still have all our utilities working.

Today I went to the Red Hook neighborhood and the devastation there was heartbreaking. So many people and businesses have been affected, some of the businesses might not recover from the storm at all. I am among a bunch of people looking into what can be done to help all of these small businesses to try to get back on their feet and I guess the only thing that I can ask in my humble blog is that if you have ever read this blog and have been enticed to visit any of the places I have mentioned in it please do whatever you can to help the victims of this disaster get back to the closest semblance of normalcy.

So far I have only visited Red Hook but I am planning on being in touch with other people in the areas of Williamsburg, Green Point, Gowanus, Coney Island, etc.. to see what can be done to help. In the coming weeks I will probably be posting mostly about those business districts and their incredible eateries because I believe that one of the very characteristic factors that make Brooklyn so special as of lately are those innovators who have chosen Brooklyn as their home. This community has grown around them so it is fitting to give back to them so that they can continue to delight the world with their creations.

I have had a very special place in my heart for this borough because I have experienced a sense of community here that I had not felt in a long time. I started out in Red Hook this time because it is where my family and I do our food shopping. Also because Baked has started the ball moving through their generosity by opening their business and giving the proceeds from today's sales toward the recovery effort in this area. To me Matt and Renato are the epitome of the spirit of the innovators in this area, and super class acts because they never fail to give back to their community. They have started a website to help rebuild Red Hook so please do go check it out, and please help in any way you can.

I on my part will try to keep all who are interested, up to date on what is going on here in Brooklyn and what all our favorite neighborhoods are doing to get back on their feet. As always thank you for reading my blog and if you decide to lend your support to anyone in Brooklyn I hope you feel a great big hug coming from me for doing so.

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