Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fort Defiance in Red Hook a Must Bring Back

 As promised this is the first of my posts focusing on the great Brooklyn eateries that we hard hit by the storm. Fort Defiance is one of those places that is known for its innovative and eclectic menu and one who should have a loyal following as loyal as the employees are to the owner of this establishment John Frizell. My husband and I did not get a chance to try them because we had always thought we would get a chance to do so later, and that is still my hope. Their menu was one of the things that attracted us because it was reminiscent of the bold tapas that we had in San Sebastian in Spain. One of the most memorable items on their menu for us and the reason we wanted to go there is their Chicken Liver Pate with Bacon -Onion Jam. I am still trying to imagine what this would taste like, and every time I think of blinis with foie, mmmmmm.

So far the only thing I know about the damage they sustained is that they had six inches of water on their serving floor, not surprising if you know that they are located about four blocks away from the waterfront. Their basement where food prep and storage happened is completely ruined. The damage as described by chef Steve Linares, is upward of $100,000 just on equipment. There have been several articles lately where Mr. Frizell has been noted as determined to re-open the restaurant. He has stated that he will be documenting the progress on their recovery efforts on Epicurious, where he has written an account on his first visit to the restaurant after Sandy. If you are one of the lucky people who had the privilege of eating here, or if like me you regret not having done so sooner, make sure to follow their progress and if you can make a contribution toward their recovery and that of many other Red Hook businesses by visiting Restore Red Hook.

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