Friday, November 9, 2012

Brooklyn Update - Ways to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

 What Sandy looked like from space - Image Credit: NASA, GOES-13 Satellite

 Today I wanted to keep it short and sweet, but I might not be, so bear with me. There are some good news coming out of Red Hook with Baked now being back to somewhat normal and other places like Hope & Anchor and Red Hook Lobster starting to get back to business. However there are still so many places that need help so I am going to provide links to some websites that have been set up to help specific neighborhoods recover. If you are from outside these areas either in the US or even outside the country, and you feel you would like to lend a hand these links will be great in helping you to invest in those places you feel deserve the love.

If you would like to help the residents of Red Hook, the most reliable place is Red hook Initiative. I have been there many times since the hurricane to drop off food and other types of donations and I can tell you from first hand experience that they are a great organization that has worked quickly and efficiently to provide as much help as possible to the residents in this community.

If you would like to help businesses in Red Hook you can do so at Restore Red Hook. This site was set up by a group of business owners in this area in order to help businesses that are having difficulty getting back on their feet to do so and in turn to get the employees and people who depend on these businesses get back to work as quickly as possible. I have a soft spot for this one because some of my favorite places to eat are located in this district, including Baked, Hope & Anchor and Steve's Pies. if you are a food lover too please give to this cause as generously as you can.

If you can believe it, and you should DUMBO was another area where a lot of small start up businesses and many established restaurants got hit hard. There was much damage and a lot of businesses lost large amounts of stock that will set them back financially in a drastic way. I love this area because there are so many great independent designers and creative types located here and being part of that creative collective makes me feel obliged to give back to this community. If you would like to help out in this area click here and find out how you can do so.

If the Rockaways is where you feel your help might go further you can go to 596 Acres, which has links and posts about who needs what where. You can also go to NYC Sandy Needs, and get a broader view of where help and supplies are needed.

I hope I have not bored you to death with all my give, give, give requests. I just have fallen in love with Brooklyn and seeing it hurting like this is breaking my heart. I wish I had unlimited funds and time to give to all of these places, but I am only one person. The only way I can help is to give my limited time and hard work to these causes and to get the word out to anyone who is willing to listen. I am hoping that this post will have an effect on anyone who is out there who wants to and can help. Thank you to all of you who grace me with your readership.

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