Sunday, November 18, 2012

Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie - Show Them You Care

 I am not even sure where to begin regarding Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie. If you ever had a chance to taste a pie from this place I am sure you can remember that experience very vividly. I can only describe it as pretty much a perfect moment because it tastes so damn good that you forget anything else that is going on around you. My husband and I developed a habit of going to this place before we went to any family function to pick up a pie to bring. The only reason I do not have a picture of one of their pies is because you can never just have it sitting there for too long. The urge to dig right in is too strong and you wind up giving in to it. Last time I had one of these was in October when my sister came to visit for my daughter's birthday. The rest as you know, is part of a very tragic day that turned the world of many business owners in Red Hook upside down.

The first thing I remember about Steve's was going there because a friend had told my husband and I about their fantastic pies, so we looked for the place and find it we did. On their door they had a couple of signs that made the place sound like it was run by a bunch of cantankerous old men. Those signs made me laugh pretty hard because it was yet one more sign to my husband and I that we were finally home after coming back from the Middle East. They were telling of that truly New York Grit that people talk about the world over. The truth is that they make great pie and that is all they care about. I want them getting back to doing this, and if you do too then please DONATE to help toward their prompt recovery. Trust me it is totally worth it.

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