Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Red Hook Lobster Pound - Give 'Em Love

I think this is one of the first places that I heard about during Sandy. They were desperately seeking a place to put about $65,000 dollars worth of stock that would be lost if they could not relocate it. What happened after that has been all over papers, twitter and facebook. They took a hard hit. One that would have made any other person waver, but we are learning very fast that Red Hook is a place where people don't give up, and Ralph Gorham and Susan Povich (the owners of Lobster Pound) are no exception. Their spirit is truly contagious, which is exactly what you need around you when things are as bad as they have been for so many businesses all around as a result of this storm.

Lobster pound has been making the mouths of many New Yorkers water with their wonderful selection of lobsters and their legendary lobster rolls. Sandy has really put a dent on their business because it not only took out their store front, equipment and lobster tanks but it also took their awesome food truck. In order to raise funds to recover from all this damage and loss they have devised a fantastic system. They are selling certificates ranging in price from $28 to $1000 which entitle the bearer to a cornucopia of great food and experiences. Please go to their Small Knot Page and check out the certificates and get yourself one. Bringing them back is not only bringing back a place where you can get some of the best lobster rolls in the NY metropolitan area, but also helping those who work here to get back to providing for their families. I know you all have heart.

Thanks for reading. I promise I will start posting new recipes again soon. I have a few new curry ones inspired by the Brooklyn Brewery's Curry Experiments.

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